Net Atlantic Quarterly - Spring 2013

Note from the CEO:

Recent reports support that email campaigns continue to be the most effective part of any communication or marketing strategy. At Net Atlantic we remain focused on improving our infrastructure, resources and service offerings to ensure our clients' success in 2013.

All the best,
Andrew Lutts,
Founder & CEO

Maximize Inbox Delivery

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The Best Email Design of 2012

A couple months back we asked you to send us your best HTML email template designs from 2012 and you listened! The response to our email design contest was incredible and our inbox filled with many, many great submissions. It was not an easy decision for our team of email marketing experts to make, but we had to choose a single winner from the whole lot.

So now the most important question is... did you win?

Best Advice to Increase Deliverability

Over the past few years, the emphasis on email deliverability has changed substantially. Previously, the importance was on whether or not your emails were getting blocked by spam filters and Internet Service Providers. However, the current challenge is far more concentrated on achieving email delivery to subscribers' inboxes. Deliverability is an ever-changing and important piece of a strong email marketing strategy. Read More »

6 Tips to Drive Email Conversions

Despite what some email marketing reports say, if you are looking for the 'best' time of day or day of the week to send an email marketing campaign to your subscribers, there isn't one. A recent article by simply states, "The best time to never send email is when someone else told you to." The bottom line is if you want your subscribers to read your email, write content that is worthy of being opened. Read More »

Hold Onto Subscribers via Preference Center

You must keep your prospects and customers in charge of the relationship and defer more and more to their communication preferences. An email preference center is an essential element of any successful email marketing strategy, because it's a place where your prospects and customers can be directed to add or update information about themselves and their preferences. Maintaining a subscription center conveys to customers and prospects that they are in control and that you value their input. Read More »

Master Mobile Design

Recent statistics show that mobile email can no longer be ignored. Google states that 80% of smartphone users can’t even leave home without their phone in hand. What is even more compelling is that while at home 97% use their device. compiled a list of fascinating facts that were too good not to share. Read More »