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New HIPAA Compliant Secure Email Sending Services Announced

Salem, Massachusetts, December 21, – Net Atlantic, Inc. announced today a brand new secure email sending service, called Secure Message Suite. The Suite is comprised of four key services. 

The first service is called Secure Send Email, and it is the secure sending of email using G Suite, Outlook 365, and Exchange. Using an advanced method of encryption and message handling, the service requires no encryption keys, no downloads, no passwords, no plugins, and no portals. It also does not require any change in behavior by the sender or receiver. The solution is far easier to implement and manage for an organization, and compliance and adoption is greatly improved as a result of the superior technology.

The second service in the Suite is called Secure Email API. This service allows a sender to integrate directly with the Net Atlantic Secure Email API to send email. It includes a compatible platform and integration that is very easy to configure and use. It too is fully compliant with HIPAA, FINRA, and many other regulatory laws.

The third service is called Secure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Email Archiving. This services automatically scans all outbound email for critical sensitive information: account numbers, patient numbers, social security numbers, and much more. If sensitive information is found, email is stopped and quarantined, and awaits further action from a supervisor or email administrator.

The fourth service offered are Encrypted Contact Forms. The forms automate the process of reading data into your email inbox securely. All forms are optimized to work on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

"We're delighted to offer these revolutionary new secure email products and services," said Andrew Lutts, company Founder and CEO. "There are other companies who claim to offer secure email services, but nobody has a system and technology that is as easy to use as ours is. Best of all, the services are fully HIPAA and FINRA compliant in all aspects."

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