Email Advisor

Inbox Preview and Delivery Monitor

With Email Advisor it is now quick and easy to ensure total legibility and inbox delivery with every ISP on the market today. After you send a message, you'll see how each of the 40 major ISPs process it in real time, including which ones are blocking or filtering it to a bulk folder.

With Email Advisor, you can:

Preview messages. Inbox Snapshot lets you see at-a-glance exactly how a message will appear in over 35 popular email clients-in about ten minutes.

Verify inbox delivery. Delivery Monitor shows the real-time delivery status for a mailing at over 40 top ISPs, including whether a message is being delivered to the inbox or filtered to a bulk folder.

Compare your delivery rates to others. Gain unprecedented access to real-time email delivery data and up-to-date industry benchmarks.

Test for spam triggers. Content Analyzer checks messages against 30 common spam-filtering programs and highlights possible triggers.

Check blacklists and complaint files. Blacklist Monitor checks over 175 blacklists in one step to learn who is blocking which senders. Also searches complaint databases for quick follow-up and resolution.

Spot ISP delays. ISP Monitor shows at-a-glance which of nearly 40 different providers are experiencing delays.

Email Advisor is really about maximizing response. For more information on this service, contact a Net Atlantic Account Executive at (877) 263-8285.

Cost: $200 per month

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