Pivotal Veracity Reputation and Delivery Monitoring

Go Inside The Inbox with the Leading Intelligence Tools

Design, click, send. If only e-mail marketing was that simple.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How will my email look in AOL, Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo!?
  • Am I landing into the spam folder?
  • Did I test all the links and images in my email before it was sent?
  • Are my IPs on any blacklists?
  • Am I whitelisted?
  • Where is my beautiful email?

Have these questions come up on your radar? If not, how do you know what your customers are receiving, if anything?

Pivotal Veracity Reputation and Delivery Monitoring

Pivotal Veracity helps you optimize email delivery with inbox tracking, email rendering, reputation monitoring, whitelists, and engagement analysis.

What does Pivotal Veracity Offer?


  • Deliverability at the Individual Customer Level
  • Mobile Messaging Optimization and Mobile Platform Tracking
  • Email Client Distribution Optimizes Mailings for Email Applications
  • Blogs & Social Network Tracking to Improve your Buzz Factor
  • Email Forwarding to Identify Clients who help Spread the Word

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eDelivery Tracker

  • Benchmarking based on over 5 billion messages per month
  • Trending Reports in real time to measure performance at a glance
  • Individual ISP Performance shows inbox delivery rates at top ISPs
  • Industry & Performance Alerts in addition to real time notifications
  • Real-Time Results to quickly identify problem areas
  • Calculate Opportunity Costs based on true inbox delivery
  • Monitor Delivery of In-House Emails in one web-based platform

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eReputation Manager

  • Real Time Reputation Wizard to help you understand your reputation
  • Whitelist & Feedback Loop Portal to help differentiate your mailings
  • Blacklist & Blocklist Monitor for mission critical IPs and URLs
  • Feedback Loop Reporting Engine organizes inbound complaints

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eDesign Optimizer

  • The most comprehensive Web, Desktop & Mobile email rendering solution
  • Multi-function Link & Image Validator validates every link and image
  • Automatically identifies missing alt-tags with images on and off
  • Email size assessment checks your mobile compliance and download time
  • W3C HTML code validation to ensure compliance with coding standards
  • Customizable PDF generation for your production team and clients
  • Free form HTML editor with preview and real-time change functionality
  • Full message, above the fold & preview pane rendering
  • Internet Explorer & Firefox specific rendering
  • Multi-lingual spell checker for your global business

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