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List Name Examples: yourcompanyname, politics, shareware, healthcare, investing, travel-tips, fine-arts, chocolate-lovers, kayaking, classical-music, yoga, sailing, travel, kids-and-education, creative-writing, etc.
Special Note: Choose your list name carefully. Shorter list names are preferred. Also, your list name will be visible to subscribers in various places (such as an unsubscribe link, or email join request). Cost to change a list name is $35.

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  • example: John Smith
  • example: johnsmith@mydomain.com
  • example: MyCompany <news@mydomain.com>
  • Send me an email report on all new subscribed and unsubscribed list members (please note that you can easily change this setting later):
Your mailing list welcome message (included, no additional cost). The message you want people to get when they sign up for your list. If you would like us to set this up for you, please edit this information below as you like (note: you can easily change this message later). Feel free to use any message you like, this text below is just a suggested welcome message. It can say anything you like.

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Virtual Mail Server:
  • As an example, your "mail from" address on mail sent from your list is "news@yourdomain.com."

    With the Virtual Mail Server, the "mail from" address would be displayed as "news@custom.yourdomain.com" where "custom" is the name you have provided.

  • Examples: list.yourdomain.com, relay.yourdomain.com, announce.yourdomain.com, members.yourdomain.com, etc.

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