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Sabbatical Program

At Net Atlantic we believe in a healthy work/life balance, and we acknowledge employee loyalty and performance. After 7 years, employees are encouraged to take a 3 month sabbatical in order that they may pursue their dreams.

What would you do during your sabbatical?

  • Work with a favorite charity?
  • Travel through Europe?
  • Help build homes for those in need?
  • Spend long stretches of time with your kids or take a trip with an aging parent?
  • Teach or take a class?
  • Take a silent meditation retreat?
  • Compete in a triathlon?
  • Care for endangered animals?
  • Add an addition or deck to your home?
  • Help Park Services preserve national treasures?
  • Be completely unplugged, with no access to email or voicemail?

"Sabbaticals are embedded into the culture of Net Atlantic," says Wes Owen, VP of Technology. "The point of the leave is to decompress, and completely separate from the company and any pending or ongoing issues. It's your time to chase a lifelong dream. The goal is for you to return to Net Atlantic 3 months later revitalized, with a new outlook and a fresh perspective," says Owen. During Wes' first sabbatical in 2008, in addition to traveling across the United States, he spent several weeks in Tanzania, Africa, helping build a waterway canal system with a team of volunteers.

In 2016, Owen took his second sabbatical. He travelled to Cuba to not only see the sights, but to volunteer as a conversational English teacher. He also hosted free computer clinics for those in need of help.

"In addition to giving valued employees the time off to spend time with family or pursue other interests, sabbaticals create opportunities to give back to the community," says Mariflor Maulit-Uva, VP of Finance & Administration. She reached this milestone in 2007 and, initially, took a few weeks off to travel with her husband and children to California; she then spent the rest of her sabbatical in the Philippines, her homeland, to help improve the educational system at an elementary school. "It was an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience for me," she said upon her return.

Andrew Lutts, company founder, took his first sabbatical in 2005. During that time, he researched and began writing a self-help book, which was subsequently finished and published the following year. During his second sabbatical in 2016, he wrote his second non-fiction book in the series. Book descriptions can be found at his web site:

After 7 years of employment, all employees are eligible and encouraged to take a 3 month sabbatical in order that they may pursue their dreams.