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Introducing SmartStart from Net Atlantic

A new program designed especially for experienced email marketers looking to improve their email campaign results


Net Atlantic’s SmartStart is a proven, time-tested methodical process roadmap that assists and enables the higher volume sender to onboard, clean and validate, ramp-up, segment, deliver, optimize, and inbox email to their subscribers with high levels of success.

If you’ve been sending email for some time, you know that as time passes it can be challenging to get the same results you used to get from your email campaigns.

Here are some of the challenges all email marketers face:

  • Subscribers can experience “fatigue” from seeing your emails over time
  • Certain subscribers may have never opened, read, or clicked on your emails, and yet you continue to send email to them normally
  • Old, abandoned, unused email addresses are turned into spamtraps by email mailbox providers, which harms your email delivery and reputation
  • Subscriber engagement can decline since your email is not new anymore
  • Competing emails from other senders from around the internet may have similar content as yours can potentially tarnish your email by association
  • Technical email authentication methods (validating you as the sender) evolve over time and sometimes need to be updated
  • Irregular send volumes create problems for recipient ISPs as they may not be expecting certain email volumes from you, and as a result they treat your email differently
  • Changes in your mailfrom and replyto addresses can greatly affect delivery
  • And much more!


SmartStart is a program developed specifically to help senders get better performance and results from their email campaigns. Depending on your situation and goals, the process we use may include: analyze your subscriber engagement, analyze current email delivery metrics and factors, analyze your subscriber list composition, clean and validate your list, segment your list, establish a ramp-up volume schedule, introduce new subscribers gradually, deploy various engagement strategies, resolve any known existing delivery problems, and many more methods. It's the perfect solution for the email marketer that is suffering through decreasing delivery and inboxing, less clickthroughs, and lower engagement levels.

With SmartStart we will propose and execute a comprehensive plan to help you get the results from your email marketing that your campaigns deserve. 


Introductory pricing: $500 one-time cost, includes up to 500,000 email message sends in the first month.