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Easy Start Guide

The Easy Start Guide shows you how to get started quickly, including logging into Your list, adding members, creating a subscription form, and creating your first mailing.
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User's Guide

Once you can use the Email Marketing Suite regularly for reaching your audience, the User's Guide will help you get a lot more advanced. The guide will show you how to manage subscriber segments, import and export member lists, merge data into your mailings, use surveys, perform A/B/n split tests, and perform detailed tracking reports.
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Login and Menu Guide

See how the various menus allow for easy access to common tasks.
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Adding List Members (Subscribers) Guide

See the best ways to upload and import your subscribers.
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Responsive Email Template Guide

To help you create email campaigns more quickly and efficiently, Net Atlantic offers free responsive email templates for your use. These templates ensure that your messages will look perfect, whether they are viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
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Email Discussion Group Guide

The Discussion Group Guide will show you how to manage your discussion groups from start to finish. It will show you how to log into your list, manage segments, send a message to the list, create subscriber forms, and use the control panel.
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Video Tutorials

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