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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a split test in email marketing?

A split test, also known as an A/B test, can be done in a number of ways. You can test using a call-to-action, subject line, testimonials, personalization, body text, headline, and closing text, to name a few. Once you decide what to test, you want to decide who to test. You can decide to test on just a few readers, split your list in half, or test your entire list. Once you have completed your test, you can analyze the results to figure out which campaign was more successful.

What is a sender score?

A sender score is numerical data that shows your sending reputation. It is based on a scale of 0-100. 100 is the best score you can have. There are multiple services that can explain how to improve your score.

How do I do email marketing?

You can do email marketing through an Email Service Provider (ESP) that will make sending your campaigns easy and efficient. You can build an email list, create an opt-in form for your web site and social networks to help you grow your list, and finally you can start sending out campaigns.

How do I grow an email list?

You can grow your email list through making social media posts and mentioning your list, promotig referral programs, conducting giveaways, using call-to-actions and pop-ups on your web site, hosting webinars, offering coupons, asking for feedback, hosting meet-ups and networking events, utilizing a QR code, publishing case studies and whitepapers, using comment marketing, or starting a loyalty program, These are just a few ways to get your list growing.

What are the important components of email marketing?

The most important components in your email marketing campaign include the email subject line, your mailfrom address (that identifies you as the sender), a preheader (which shows the first line of your email), the body of the email, graphics, and a compelling call-to-action.

What’s the three most important things in an email for my newsletter?

Great email subject line. Interesting content. Compelling call to action (CTA).

What does segmenting your list mean?

It means dividing your list up based on demographics, psychographics, geographics, buying behavior, client status, order size, and more. List segmentation is a way to create highly targeted email messages to send, and most always generates higher rates of response.

How do I prevent my email from going into the spam folder?

Here are five very important things to prevent your email going into the spam folder:
1) Your email must be anticipated, wanted, and have permission to be sent to you.
2) Your email must be descriptive in that the email subject line must accurately reflect the contents of your email.
3) Your email must have good formatting to display correctly in mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops
4) Your email must be sent from a sender with a good reputation.
5) Your email must be sent with proper technical authentication protocols so that the email can be accurately verified to be sent by the person who claims to have sent it.

What’s the average open rate in email marketing?

The average open rate for an email marketing message is 20%. A typical range is 14 – 23%. Some industries such as education, healthcare, and others can be higher. Other more promotional types of email will get lower open rates. Equally important, the average click-through rate is from 2 – 10%, again depending on the nature of your email message. Most click-through rates are about 5 – 8%.

Is it okay to send email to people who haven’t asked for it?

No. Email must have some level of permission to be sent. It is best if the sender has explicit permission from the recipient, such as by filling out a form to get a newsletter (called opt-in). A sender may have a relationship with the recipient which allows a level of permission to send a person an email, such as if that person purchased something from them, or asked about a product or service. The lowest level of permission is when a partner, affiliate, or other entity has a very weak relationship to the recipient. The highest most-explicit permission level is always the best.

What should I look for in an ESP?

Here are some things to look for when choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP):
1) good email delivery and inboxing
2) easy to use interface
3) experience in the industry
4) features and functions that help you grow your newsletter
5) ability to integrate with your existing database of members and subscribers
6) technical support by phone, email, and web chat

What is the best business model to use in email marketing?

There are a variety of ways that people make money sending email. Here are some of the best ways:
1) Free loss-leader email newsletter with free content
2) Advertiser supported newsletter
3) Paid newsletter subscription model
4) Revenue share and pay for performance model
5) Brokerage model
6) Infomediary model, and more.

This list of email marketing business models was taken from the report The 11 Most Successful Business Models Used in Email Marketing

How can I monetize my email marketing?

To monetize your emails, you do any or all of the following:
1) take advertising
2) suggest upgrades to paid content
3) offer revenue shares with partners
4) ask for donations and contributions
5) sell certain content in a password protected area (called paywall)
6) adopt a co-registration partner
7) cross-promote other newsletters.

How do I get better delivery and inboxing in email marketing?

Many factors contribute to good email inboxing. Some are: quality of content, capability to display and read properly, good sender reputation, compliance with technical authentication protocols, no bad links or malformed URLs, highly desired content and information, and use of best practices. However, the single most important factor for inboxing is high subscriber engagement, such as when a subscriber opens, clicks on, shares, forwards, reopens, and otherwise interacts positively with your email message.

Is it better to have a shared IP address or a dedicated IP address for email marketing?

It is better to have a dedicated, private IP address. This way you can build and grow your own email sending reputation and consistent sending volume. This will provide you with the best opens, clicks, and subscriber engagement.

What is ramping up and how quickly can an email sender ramp up?

If you have a lot of email to send (hundreds of thousands of email messages), you should gradually increase your email sending to your list in order to grow and reinforce your positive sending reputation. This will provide you with the best email inboxing and delivery.

How can I place a video or YouTube video in an email?

Unfortunately, you can’t. But what you can do is take a screen capture of your video, and put the screen capture into your email, and link to your video from within your email. When someone click on the video image, your video plays.

What is the best formula for writing an email?

Write clearly and concisely. Use short sentences. Use very short paragraphs. Use common language. Write like you speak. Use imagery. Describe experiences with your five senses. Have a clear, singular message. Try to achieve only one thing. Have a clear call to action (CTA). Use an image or button to reinforce your call to action.

Do any ESP’s offer bundling services with both list cleaning and sending?

Yes they do. By cleaning your list before sending, you boost your delivery, inboxing, opens, and click-throughs. It also saves you money. We suggest Net Atlantic's ListBuddy service.

How do I find a newsletter or website to advertise my product or service in?

Affiliate networks match buyers and sellers. Companies that want to sell are the buyers of advertising. Companies that have large email newsletters or highly-trafficked web sites are the publishers. Ad networks match buyers and sellers. Popular ad networks include Google AdSense,,, Infolinks, Adknowledge, and epom.

Where do I find advertisers who will pay to get into my newsletter?

Register with an advertising network. They will find the advertisers for you. Popular ad networks include Google AdSense,,, Infolinks, Adknowledge, and epom.

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