About Net Atlantic

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients become the most successful email marketers they can be.

Our Services

Net Atlantic is an Email Service Provider (ESP) that offers Software as a Service (SAAS) on a hosted platform, allowing our clients to create, send, share, track, and manage email. We simplify the process by providing a single login solution, and we make the process both easy to use and highly effective. Additionally, our Professional Services can provide you assistance with design, consulting, migration, specialized reporting, implementation, training, and deliverability. No matter what your challenge is, Net Atlantic can tailor a solution that fulfills your organization's unique needs.

Our Support

Since 1995, Net Atlantic has been helping our clients communicate online with leading email and marketing communications. Now small and mid-sized businesses can get the same powerful, comprehensive, high-end Enterprise-Level solutions used by Fortune 500 companies. We offer 100% USA-based telephone technical support from our business office, and help our clients with all aspects of their email and communications with customized training, videos, webinars, online resources, consulting, and personalized support.  

Our Vision

We envision our company as a growing, dynamic, rewarding community. We value high ethical standards, mutual respects for our employees, and a friendly business environment. We employ a highly talented staff, fully able to help our customers succeed in their own businesses with our leading edge, best-in-class Internet products and services.

Our Spirit

The Internet is a global network of networks connecting separate individuals into a unified One. Net Atlantic fully supports those who employ our services and utilize our networks to communicate and interact with one another in a universal All That Is. It is our explicit intent to provide the tools, resources, and guidance our clients need to further raise human consciousness and contribute in a positive way to our world.

Our Values

At Net Atlantic, our clients are our top priority. We accept the responsibility of ensuring that new Internet technologies, strategies, and methods are offered to our clients to help them meet their goals. We take a personal interest in our clients' businesses to provide them with unparalleled service and individualized technical support.

Net Atlantic is a growth-oriented company. We value a diverse work environment, support personal employee development, and promote open mindedness and mutual respect for co-workers.

We operate in a way that supports and respects our local, regional, national, international, and Internet communities. We believe in giving back to the community, both as a company and as individuals. We work to attract businesses and organizations that are also looking to make the world a better place.

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