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Net Atlantic's Quarterly Summer 2009

Successful Email Marketing Strategies

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Get to know ...Web Development:
Ben Chevoor, Intern Turned Web Developer

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Two Scholarships Awarded

Successful Email Marketing Strategies:  

Creating Content Saves Emails and Time

When we asked our support team for the number one underutilized email feature that best benefits clients, “creating content" was the unanimous response. The "content" section is different than the “mailings" section. When using the content feature, you can make as many newsletters as you like, save them, and then later access them through “view content."  Benefit from using previously created designs as templates, saving you time when developing your next email.

Subject Lines Can Make or Break Your Email Campaign

  • Test subject lines by sending an email with a different subject line to three small, equally-sized groups (available pre-built segments make this easy). See which version gets the highest open rates, and use the winning subject line when sending to the rest of your list. Also, you can review past emails for the highest open rates, and craft a subject line similarly to one that previously performed well.
  • Briefly describe email content and emphasize benefits in the subject line. For example, “Press Release: SEO Tips." And remember, short subject lines work best.
  • Personalize and create a sense of urgency when appropriate, by limiting time (“Joe, subscription expires in 3 days") or quantity (“Ann, only 4 tickets available").

Segmentation Works. You Should Try It!    

  • Your customers have different purchasing patterns and interests. Segmentation allows you to send targeted email campaigns based on subscribers' behavior or demographics. For example, query and segment customers by age, gender, education level, occupation, and/or previous purchases.
  • Market segmentation can help increase sales. For example, customers can be encouraged to upgrade after using an introductory, lower-priced product or service.
  • Focus on quality versus quantity. Segment your mailing list based on customer engagement. For example, target subscribers who have not opened or clicked on hyperlinks in your emails and try to re-engage them. 

With Enterprise Level service, you have the ability to split test your message (a/b/n split testing): Assign a random segment of the list to receive test versions of your email. Try different subject lines, offers, graphics, messages, etc., and see what generates the most responses. Send the winning campaign to remaining subscribers.

If you need help using the email segmentation or split testing features contact technical support at 987-210-1920 or email

Net News Bytes

Company happenings

Viral marketing is fun: Net Atlantic partnered with on July 13 to promote email marketing to prospects and to give away a Nintendo Wii. Jason at "iwear" sports a different shirt for each sponsored day of 2009. Check out Jason's blog and daily live broadcast at 3:00 p.m. We had a lot of fun around the office during our campaign day and we encourage others to try new and interesting marketing ideas. And, as a result of our campaign, Jason is now using Net Atlantic email services.

Congratulations email makeover contest winners: The DFS Group and Carol Mills (Malia Mills ladies swimwear) will receive an email makeover by our certified email marketing consultant and Web/email designer. Look for the results in the next Net Atlantic Quarterly. Thanks to all that entered.

Get to know ...
Ben Chevoor, Intern Turned Web Developer

How long have you been interning at Net Atlantic?
I've been working here since September 2007.  I started as an intern and now I'm working as a part time employee. I love it here. All of my co-workers are friendly and outgoing. My department at Net Atlantic is a great team. We get the job done and have fun doing it.

What kinds of projects have you contributed to? What were your favorites?
My very first project here was building from the ground up. It was an excellent project to showcase what I can do and offer to Net Atlantic. I had a lot of fun working on that. After Atlantic Webhost was finished, I started working on I've been keeping this site up to date adding new features, press releases, and offers. I have learned a lot working here and I'm glad to say that I would not want to work anywhere else.

Congratulations on your recent graduation. Where are you attending college and what will you study?
I am attending University of Massachusetts, Lowell this fall as a freshman with a computer science major. It's a great college and a perfect match for me. I can't wait to start. Hopefully I will stay in contact with Net Atlantic and possibly work while I am on breaks.

What do you like about computer science?
I have always been a student of the sciences. Physics has been a favorite topic to study. I took a physics class in high school as a senior and it made me have second thoughts about majoring in computer science. After a long internal fight between my old love for computers and my new love for physics, I gave in to my instincts. Your old friends are your best friends.   

Any career goals yet (or an ideal dream job)?
I'm aiming for a masters' degree. I have no idea when or where I will get it, but my path will appear before me as I go. As for a dream job, Net Atlantic is pretty close. Though, I can't see myself doing Web design for a career because it involves an artsy side, which is something I lack.  I am more of a hardcore programmer.  For a quick sum up answer, a job with a good team of co-workers and working on something I love with computers.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
There is nothing better than having a good group of friends. We play a lot of neighborhood sports like volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and basketball. When the winter comes, I'm up in the mountains snowboarding. Like every other teenager, I play video games as well. I love to play guitar and write my own music sometimes. All in all, just being a kid.

Net Atlantic offers internships in marketing, information technology, and finance & administration. Interns bring new energy to our team and we deeply appreciate the help they offer. If you know a student looking for an internship, have them fill out the intern application.

We work for you 
Service information and updates

Better quality lists: Net Atlantic has partnered with Fresh Address to offer new add-on services that will help improve the quality of email lists: email change of address, list audit services (cleaning), and real-time email address validation. Better lists mean improved response. Call an account executive today at 978-210-1910 or email to learn more.

Green Data Center: Net Atlantic's email marketing and managed dedicated email servers are now housed in a facility that uses energy-saving equipment and clean power. This means you benefit from the highest security and equipment available while using green energy when promoting your products and services. Read the press release.

Community Corner
Two Scholarships Awarded

Congratulations Scholarship Recipients: Casey Little and Lorjan Karagjozi, both Salem High School graduates are entering college in the fall for business. Each received $1,500 from Net Atlantic to help them pursue their education. "We are thrilled to recognize conscientious students like Casey and Lorjan that live in our community," said Net Atlantic CEO Andy Lutts. Read the press release.