Net Atlantic Quarterly - Summer 2011

Email marketing has been through a transition over the last five years, adapting to the arrival of social media and maturing to be a key channel for marketers. While many more organizations are embracing social media marketing outlets, email still remains one of the most effective tools for ecommerce.

The process of promoting your website or company through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a fairly new concept, yet it’s becoming a powerful communication channel and marketing platform. Effective social media marketing works by attracting fans and then using creative, thoughtful and relevant email and online content which engages them on a regular basis.

Good news…at Net Atlantic, we recently announced the launch of Social Studio, a new social media marketing platform that helps you manage Facebook and Twitter posts, share email and website content in social media, and identify and engage key social influencers.

The key to social media and email marketing success is engagement. Leverage the power of social media to create a competitive marketing advantage by extending the reach of your email marketing campaigns. Social media integration provides a way for your customers to share your email marketing content by posting it on the most popular social media sites. Learn more »

If you have any feedback, concerns, or kudos, about our products, services and support, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please contact me directly at William Reich or give me a call at 978-219-1975.

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Get More From Your Email

by Marianne Cellucci

Read Get More From Your EmailEmail marketing is complementary to social media and in today’s multichannel environment, you can extend the reach of your online and email marketing efforts by incorporating social media into your overall marketing plan.

Enhance your online presence by reaching new prospects in ways that are very different from traditional advertising channels. Social networking is changing the way we communicate not only with friends and family, but with customers and prospective customers.

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12 Ways Readers Respond to Your Email

by Marianne Cellucci

Read 12 Ways Readers Respond to Your EmailIn email marketing, one thing you learn pretty quickly is that sending your email is only the half of it. The next part (and arguably the most important) is what happens after the reader receives the email. You track opens and clickthroughs, as well as other metrics, but even this doesn’t provide the whole story.

You should put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes, and ask what you would do if you received your own email. Whether the campaign worked or not depends on the many things your readers do when they get your mail. Here are twelve popular ways they can respond:

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Grow Your Business by Getting to Know Your Customers

by Tom Bishop

Read Grow Your Business by Getting to Know Your CustomersWhat matters most to your customers?

If you want to know how to increase your business, just ask your customers. Asking for customer feedback is one of the most important elements of doing business. Developing lasting customer relationships and customer loyalty requires an understanding of their needs and the reasons behind their buying decisions.

Survey your customers and ask them what they expect from you, what features of your product or service they most enjoy, what they think about your customer service, and what you could improve.

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Maximize Your Advertising Spend

by Marianne Cellucci

Read Maximize Your Advertising SpendSegmentation is a question of determining the common attributes and characteristics found in a group of buyers that enable you to look at them, and market to them, in a similar fashion.

Start by capturing vital data about who your users, purchasers and influencers are and what interests them. By profiling and segmenting consumers based upon demographics, lifestyle preferences and behaviors, you can maximize your advertising spend and target the audience which will be the most responsive to your messaging. The more information you can collect about them, the more innovative you can make your targeting strategies. The more segments you have, the more focused you can be about selecting one or more groups to target with a distinct marketing message.

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Move Beyond One Size Fits All Approach

by Marianne Cellucci

Read Maximize Your Advertising SpendNow is the time to take your email marketing program to the next level, and move beyond the "one size fits all" model, and strive to customize products and services for individual needs. Segmentation can help.

A company that treats all customers and prospects the same speaks to everybody, and thus nobody. Rather than a "batch-and blast" approach, identify the most likely targets for a product or service.

Instead of viewing customers/prospects as single-minded groups, all with the same wants and needs, consider how wants and needs might differ among them, and how those differences might influence their purchasing patterns and behaviors.

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