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Affiliate Network

Add new revenue channels with Net Atlantic.

Our Affiliate Network offers complementary businesses such as web hosting, online publishing, or industry organizations a new revenue channel. We pay you for each lead and new client, which is great for:

How It Works

The Affiliate Network is part of Net Atlantic's Partner Program, which offers three ways to join: Reseller Edition, Agency Edition, and Affiliate Network. Here is how the Affiliate Network works:

  1. As an Affiliate, you add Net Atlantic's logo and link to your website, and get co-branded promotional items and data sheets.
  2. Users fill out their contact information on our specific landing page, becoming leads.
  3. When leads become new clients, you receive a percentage of the revenue from their email marketing account for the first year of service.
  4. Net Atlantic charges for email marketing accounts per month, at the beginning of each month. Your payments will arrive ten days after the beginning of each billing period.

Benefits of Being A Net Atlantic Affiliate

Net Atlantic's Affiliate Network members get the benefits of our deep industry experience and other attributes such as:

  • HDI-certified technical support, deliverability expertise, and friendly, personal customer service
  • Our solid ISP relationships and track record of high deliverability
  • Complete library of technical, pricing and marketing materials
  • Expanded reach across your customer base and an entirely new revenue channel for your business.

The Net Atlantic Advantage

With 29 years of email marketing experience, Net Atlantic offers the world's most popular hosted email software solution. Thousands of clients worldwide have placed their trust and confidence in Net Atlantic as their chosen email service provider.

Net Atlantic's Affiliate Network is for companies who want to add value to their own products and services by joining with an industry leader. We take care of the service, software, data center, network connections, and delivery. All you do is grow your business.

To learn more about our Affiliate Network and Partner Program,
call 978-219-1900.