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Referral Program

Make a Referral and Collect Quarterly Revenue Share Payments from Net Atlantic

It's a Win-Win Revenue Share

As an existing Net Atlantic customer, you are invited to take advantage of our Referral Program. With every successful referral, you receive a revenue share percentage every three months based on the revenue generated from them.

How it Works

  • You refer Net Atlantic to your business affiliates, customers, family, and friends
  • We work with you as needed to provide marketing efforts for the introduction of Net Atlantic's products. These marketing efforts can include product demos, free trials, marketing materials, joint-sales efforts, and more.
  • You collect royalty payments every three months based on the client revenue generated


  • You must be a current Net Atlantic customer to participate in this offer
  • An existing Net Atlantic customer cannot be referred
  • You cannot refer yourself

To learn more about our Referral Program or to start getting your referral payments, call Sales at 978-219-1900 or send email to