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Secure Subscribe Form Instructions

To add new subscribers to your mailing list securely

The Problem: web-bots and malicious computer code can cause problems for online web page forms. As a result, unwanted bot-generated email addresses can get inadvertently subscribed to your list. If you send email to these email addresses (even a confirmation message), it can harm your sender reputation.

The Solution: Net Atlantic has designed a new bot-resistant secure HTML join code generator for your mailing list.

This new code should be used on your web site where you collect new subscribers and it should replace the older, unsecure subscribe form.  

Here’s an example deployment of the new code:

Take a look at the features and advantages of the newly added captcha code:

  • The new code has an integrated CAPTCHA mechanism to resist unwanted form submissions by automated web bots.
  • There’s no need to learn and use additional Captcha code, the captcha code is web browser-based and is built into the Subscribe form.
  • The process to create the form is the same as before. You will generate the Subscribe form HTML code just as you have done in the past, and can simply copy and paste it into your website. (see screen capture below)

ACTION REQUIRED: You should generate and use the new form code on your web site now. Support for the old insecure subscribe form will end soon.

  • Log into your Net Atlantic account
  • Click on Utilities
  • Click on Web Forms
  • Choose New Subscribe Form
  • Enter the new subscriber values you wish to include on your form  
  • Scroll down to the bottom right and click Get HTML
  • Copy the contents (HTML code) of the subscribe form HTML
  • Paste the HTML into your web page on your web site where you collect new subscribers

See below for an example screen capture of the new subscribe form generator.


Additional Explanation: Automated malicious bot programs can penetrate unsecure online forms and cause unwanted subscriptions to your mailing list. If you are not confirming new subscribers, and you send email to these malicious bot addresses, your list quality and reputation will be tarnished. You may unknowingly be sending to spam traps, honeypots, complainers, email loops, and other undesirable recipients. And, unfortunately, even if you confirm (double opt in) your new subscribers as a recommended best practice, the confirm email message that automatically gets sent out to confirm your new subscriber can land in spam trap mailboxes, etc. Thus, to maintain the integrity of your subscriber base, and the quality of your reputation, this upgrade is now required for all clients if they are using a Net Atlantic subscribe form. 

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