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Net Atlantic Vice President Wes Owen Speaks
at Annual MIT Spam Conference

March 28, 2008 - Research presented on anti-phishing technology to professionals in Interactive industries.

SALEM, MASS. – Email Service Provider Net Atlantic's Vice President Wes Owen discussed anti-phishing technology with a group of industry peers at the sixth annual Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Spam Conference. Owen's research was a component of his master's thesis project, "Examining the Effectiveness and Techniques of the Anti-Phishing Technology in Leading Web Browsers and Security Toolbars." Nearly 200 conference participants were in attendance.

"Phishing leads to fraud, usually credit card theft or ID theft," said Owen. "Examining methods to combat phishing is a continual and urgent project, to help protect consumers." Technology-based professionals and Interactive marketers should be involved in fighting phishing, as its negative impact on email as a strategic campaign tool crosses all industries.

"As an Email Service Provider, Net Atlantic is concerned about the misuse of email communications and will continue to research and investigate spam and phishing, and educate our clients and consumers," Owen said.


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