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Net Atlantic Partners with and
Pizza Hut in Online Promotion.

April 30, 2010 - The innovative promotion turns viral, generates more than double the interest.

SALEM, MASS. – Net Atlantic announced today that it recently partnered with founder Jason Sadler, a.k.a. "The Human Billboard," and Pizza Hut to promote an online webinar. “The promotion caught us a bit by surprise when it turned viral so quickly,” noted Tom Bishop, Net Atlantic Marketing Manager. “ has always been a great promotional partner to help us get the word out about email marketing, but when Pizza Hut joined up with us and offered free pizza coupons to participants in the online event it really caught on and more than doubled our normal response.”

Net Atlantic conducts a weekly series of free educational Email Marketing deliverability webinars on topics such as Total Engagement Marketing, solutions for subscriber email management, best practices and CAN-SPAM Act compliance and targeting and segmentation strategies to improve delivery and email response rates.

Jason Sadler, and new promotional partner Evan White, wear their daily sponsor’s t-shirt for a day to help promote their sponsor. They blog, tweet, take pictures, stream video and otherwise shamelessly promote a new business every day. Learn more at

About Pizza Hut
Recently celebrating their 50th year in business, Pizza Hut was the first national pizza chain in America. Pizza Hut operates nearly 10,000 restaurants in over 90 countries, and is America’s favorite pizza company. See to learn more.


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