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Net Atlantic Announces ListManager Delivery Edition

Many New Industry-First Features Address the Demands of Email Marketers

SALEM, MASS. – June 24, 2010 Email service provider Net Atlantic, Inc. announced today a major new software upgrade to its industry-leading email marketing ListManager Delivery Edition hosted solution. Now at version 10, the new release features many new capabilities including: MailStream Optimization, a Deliverability Dashboard, Smart Bounce Processing with nine distinct bounce categories, automatic ISP connection-setting updates, dynamic block reaction, and much more.

ListManager 10 harnesses the power of "mailstreams"- the ability to send campaign emails in parallel over multiple IP addresses to improve inbox-delivery rates. An industry-first, ListManager 10 also introduces MailStream Optimization, a new feature that enables marketers to offer an email delivery advantage to their most important subscribers. By grouping together their most qualified customers on one IP address, marketers are able to keep their reputation score high (the score on which ISPs decide how to handle incoming email), while significantly improving the likelihood that the right messages are reaching their most valued customers quickly and seamlessly.

Jon Heller, IT Manager at Cabot Heritage Corporation, remarked that "This new delivery capability is outstanding, and now gives us the tools we need to assure extremely high levels of delivery for both paid subscribers and our free trial subscribers as well. It's so automatic in many ways, our marketing and publishing teams manage all their outbound messaging in a timely and effective manner. In a fast-moving stock market, our investment advice needs to be delivered quickly. The Net Atlantic solution does just that."

Email deliverability is a top concern for organizations of all sizes executing email marketing campaigns. In direct response to customer feedback, ListManager 10 delivers enhanced capabilities that enable customers to gain deeper insight into the status of email deliverability and additional tools that allow them to successfully route the right messages to the right customers at the right time. Breakthroughs in MailStream, MailStream Optimization and Smart Bounce Processing mean that IT can be less involved in campaigns, giving marketers greater control and confidence that messages are getting through.

“It can sometimes be difficult for email senders to ascertain whether or not emails are being properly delivered,” observed Net Atlantic President Bill Reich. “ISP message throttling, connection limits, and failed or delayed ISP connections can all be problematic. This new ListManager upgrade featuring MailStreams directly addresses and solves many of these delivery challenges.”

MailStreams provide the ability to group multiple IP addresses together to send out a mailing in parallel. This results in increased sending speed along with a safeguard if one IP is blocked by a domain (in which case other IPs can continue to be used). The MailStream Optimization feature does not require scripting or IT support, and can be managed by marketers using a simple wizard.

The Smart Bounce Processing feature removes invalid email addresses and saves legitimate ones. One of the biggest red flags for ISPs is a sender that regularly sends to invalid email addresses. By providing deeper analysis of SMTP response codes, Smart Bounce Processing flags and removes invalid email addresses from a marketer's list immediately. In addition, it helps saves "good" addresses by identifying false positives. The service features nine new bounce categories, more than twice what most other email marketing solutions offer.

Dynamic Block Reaction allows the system to dynamically adjust connection limitation properties in real-time based on response codes from the ISP. It also tracks the historical connection behavior for the optimal number of connections for each ISP. This improves deliverability and increases sending speed without the need for IT to be involved.

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