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Net Atlantic Launches Mobile Text Marketing for Mobile Devices

Mobile SMS Text Solutions from Ads+Synergy helps email marketers achieve total engagement.

SALEM, MA – March 1, 2011 - Email marketing service provider Net Atlantic, Inc. today launched a new mobile SMS text marketing capability that will significantly improve engagement with subscribers. Mobile Text Marketing will allow senders to reach their audience with Short Message Service (SMS) technology to any mobile device platform, anywhere, and offer them timely promotions. Recipients can take advantage of text updates and mobile coupons sent immediately to their handheld devices in addition to email.

Net Atlantic will provide this new text marketing capability in partnership with Ads+Synergy, anadvertising technology firm specializing in mobile communications, mobile rewards programs, and web video. Ads+Synergy helps digital marketing agencies, publishers, and advertisers with cost-effective ways to expand their markets and keep people engaged with their brands. By combining innovative messaging, advanced segmentation, and flexible promotional programs, mobile text marketing from Net Atlantic and Ads+Synergy allows senders to leverage and profit from rapidly evolving Internet and mobile technologies.

"Imagine walking toward a store at the mall and a text offer from that store suddenly pops up on your phone," said Ron Stalman, Managing Director of Ads+Synergy. "Mobile text marketing can do that for subscribers. In addition to email, marketers can schedule an SMS text message or mobile coupon to go to the right people at the right time and in the right place."

"We've expanded beyond email marketing to give senders a total engagement platform," said William Reich, President of Net Atlantic. "Now they can send their audience instant text alerts and updates about events, snow days, promotions, and contests on the device they use, when they use it."

Similar to email marketing, mobile text marketing requires mobile device users to subscribe by texting keywords to a certain address or using an online form. Once in the sender database, subscribers can be segmented by demographic data, mobile platform, and activities and behavior such as favorite bands, events attended, and retail choices.

Today, mobile devices are mini personal computers with high-speed Internet connections, enabling users to use them for work in addition to social interaction and news feeds. As the use of smart phones continues to increase, marketers need to reach people while they're on the move. Mobile Text Marketing provides a real-time and flexible way for marketers to extend their brand and appeal to their target market.

The Mobile Text Marketing application is driven by NetInformer, a leading provider of interactive mobile marketing and media services for digital campaigns and communications services.

About Ads+Synergy

Ads+Synergy is an advertising technology firm that assists publishers, agencies and fortune 500 companies in implementing cost effective ways to expand their market to the world of web video, mobile display ads, SMS and opt in marketing programs. Ads+Synergy has brought together the best of breed in Print, Web and Mobile technologies. Each of these technologies can be used as a standalone solution or integrated together. With over 20 years experience in print publishing we understand your needs and will help in your transition to mobile.


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