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Net Atlantic Partners With SeeWhy To Help E-Commerce Firms Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Integrated solution enables retailers to recover lost revenues from abandoned shopping carts and web forms via automated real-time email and social media remarketing campaigns

SALEM, MA – October 18, 2011 - Net Atlantic, Inc., a leading provider of email, mobile text and social media marketing solutions, today announced a new partnership with SeeWhy, Inc., a website conversion company, to optimize and automate real-time email and social media remarketing campaigns that can turn up to 30% of website abandoners into customers.

SeeWhy Conversion Manager helps recover lost revenues from abandoned shopping carts and web forms. Conversion Manager tracks visitors to websites and triggers in real time, 1-to-1 follow-up emails to those who abandon shopping carts. The result is an easy-to-deploy, real-time remarketing solution that can be used to send follow-up emails to website visitors immediately following abandoned sessions.

"Net Atlantic is committed to helping retailers use email to drive online and in-store sales," said William Reich, President of Net Atlantic. "By integrating with SeeWhy, we can help clients recapture lost opportunities by immediate follow-up emails to entice users to complete their abandoned online purchases. With SeeWhy, any e-commerce marketer can launch revenue-generating remarketing campaigns."

Net Atlantic chose to integrate with SeeWhy because it offers the only shopping cart recovery solution able to follow up in real-time via both targeted email and social networks.

SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager continuously analyzes a website visitor’s activity and prompts a follow-up email campaign when it detects an abandoned web form or shopping cart. Net Atlantic’s email platform then launches the campaign, optimizes results with A/B split testing and provides real-time engagement metrics. In addition to email, the integrated solution can automatically leverage Facebook Login to send a message to a user’s Facebook account, which is particularly effective for post-purchase "thank you" campaigns that encourage purchasers to share discount codes with their social networks.

"Following up on website abandonment is very effective, but the timing is critical," said Reich. "Real-time abandonment remarketing can offer a measurable competitive advantage for e-retailers, compared to typical email campaigns sent several days after a visitor abandons a website. This is because over 90% of abandoned shopping carts go cold within an hour. With SeeWhy, our clients can now connect with their customers in real-time, and capture lost revenue before it’s too late."


About SeeWhy

SeeWhy is the industry’s only real-time shopping cart recovery service to follow up in real time via email and social networks. The company delivers the highest ROI in ecommerce by responding immediately to shopping cart and web form abandonment with behaviorally triggered 1-to-1, real-time messages. Remarketing to abandoned visitors using the Conversion Manager Solution converts up to 50 percent of visitors that had abandoned their shopping carts, online forms, applications and registrations. SeeWhy is headquartered in Boston, MA.

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