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Net Atlantic Announces New Feature Set to Add, Track and Retain Subscribers

In our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with powerful tools and features, Net Atlantic is pleased to announce three new tools! Now our customers can add subscribers via Facebook, retain subscribers with our new Snooze feature, and track subscribers by Device Engagement.

The new Facebook app allows customers to capture new subscribers from Facebook. All they need to do is put a sign up form on their Facebook page. When the form is filled out, the email address gets added to their email list.

With the new "Snooze" feature subscribers can now pause their mailings for a set period of time with our new Snooze feature.
After the snooze period, their subscription will automatically resumeā€”helping customers retain valuable subscribers!

Finding out which email devices subscribers use doesn't have to be difficult. Net Atlantic's Engagement by Device can help customers track the devices and apps their subscribers use.

About Net Atlantic:

Net Atlantic is an industry leader in email marketing. Since 1995, Net Atlantic, Inc. has been assisting organizations of all sizes communicate effectively online. As an Email Service Provider (ESP) Net Atlantic offers clients the most feature-rich email marketing solutions at a cost-effective price. With unparalleled email marketing capabilities, expert deliverability management and responsive technical support, Net Atlantic's solutions provide you the ability to create, send, track and manage your email marketing campaigns successfully. To learn more about Net Atlantic's email marketing solutions, please visit

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