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R.J. Phipps Promoted to VP of Information Technology At Net Atlantic

SALEM – Leading Email Service Provider (ESP) Net Atlantic announced the promotion of R.J. Phipps to Vice President of Information Technology. The announcement was made by Andrew Lutts, Founder and CEO of Net Atlantic.

"R.J.'s invaluable contributions and ambition all add up to where R.J. is today in his career, and also reflect favorably on his future within our organization," said Lutts. "His hard work, willingness to learn, constant self-education, client-oriented focus, and—most importantly—his willingness to help out his coworkers whenever asked to lead to this well-deserved promotion."

R.J. joined Net Atlantic seven years ago as a Windows System Administrator, reporting to Wes Owen, Vice President. RJ was instrumental in bringing order and leadership to that department, and he also ran the entire IT team and company network and data centers just one year later in 2008 during Wes' sabbatical.

In September 2011, R.J. was promoted to Customer Engagement Manager. This openness by R.J. to change departments and take on a completely new role in the company proved successful for both R.J. and the company, as he applied his technical skills and IT knowledge to help our customers succeed with our solutions.

In September 2012, R.J. was promoted to Support Services Manager. Once again, he stepped forward to take on a demanding leadership role and apply his skills and knowledge to a department that benefitted greatly by it.

In February 2013, R.J. was promoted to Enterprise Data Architect. In this role, he learned new technical skills and applied that knowledge to the company’s data warehouse. The data warehouse has proved instrumental in helping our delivery teams ensure great environments for our clients.

In September 2014, R.J. was promoted to Vice President of Information Technology. This is only the third time in Net Atlantic's 19 year history that the company has promoted somebody to a Vice President level.

"I am convinced that the key reason that this company has met with success is that outstanding people like R.J. have grown in their careers and brought new thinking, learning and experience to their positions," said Lutts.
As Vice President of Information Technology, R.J. will oversee Information technologies, Support, Professional Services and Data Services.

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