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New StrongView Forms Generator Package Developed for Optimal Lead Capture

April 9, 2015 - Net Atlantic announced today the availability of a new forms generator package for their StrongView email marketing solution. The package gives email marketers the ability to easily generate multiple web site forms that are designed to capture relevant new subscriber information and add them to a subscriber mailing list.

Included with the new package is a pre-population profile, a kind of profile form that easily passes a hyperlink through in a profile form into a pre-populated form. This technology saves the email subscriber time from filling out data again that has already been previously captured, no matter where from. This time-saver definitely helps subscribers complete the lead cycle by both reducing manual effort and reducing data entry errors.

With this powerful new package integrated into the Net Atlantic StrongView solution, clients will be able to aggressively and accurately grow their mailings lists, ensuring high levels of data integrity vital to both list growth and new subscriber information.

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