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New Features Added to Campaign Intelligence and Data Services

Salem, MA - July 10, 2015 - Net Atlantic today announced upgrades to its popular Email Campaign Intelligence and Data Services.

Net Atlantic's detailed Email Intelligence Reports enable clients to get additional data on how their campaigns perform, which allows senders to pinpoint problems or areas that need improvement. Data generated and interpreted allows for more insight to formulate actionable strategies and tactics. For example, senders can more effectively segment their email lists, target future mailings with additional relevance, and make better-informed more strategic business decisions.

The campaign intelligence generates data metrics including open rates (OP), click-through rates (CTR), click-to-open rates (CTOR), spam complaints, conversion rates (CVR), and successful or failed delivery data. The data is then summarized in multiple ways and delivered to the client in comprehensive, detailed reports in virtually any format the client chooses to receive it. This allows the client to interpret and apply their campaign data when prioritizing their business goals.

"Net Atlantic can generate and report on a multitude of valuable data" says R.J. Phipps, Net Atlantic VP of Customer Success. "Every day we deliver critical campaign data to clients which helps them make informed, expert strategic and tactical decisions about their email campaigns. Without this type of deep insight behind email campaigns, senders are flying blind or simply making educated guesses. That can turn out to be costly in the long run," he added.

Net Atlantic provides a variety of delivery options for the reports, including direct inbox delivery to various key stakeholders within an organization, as well as delivery of the data to a server and/or database in the client's environment.

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