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Long-term Net Atlantic Employees Utilize Sabbatical Program

Net Atlantic announced today the successful completion of two sabbatical programs in 2016. In the first part of the year, company Founder and CEO Andrew Lutts used his (second) sabbatical to write his second non-fiction book.

Later in the year, Wes Owen, the company’s Vice President of Technology Operations, used his (second) sabbatical time to travel to Cuba to not only see the sights, but to volunteer as a conversational English teacher. He also hosted free computer clinics for those in need of help.

Several other key company employees are approaching their seventh year of service to the company, and they are already planning and scheduling their well-deserved sabbaticals.

Net Atlantic encourages its employees to take sabbaticals so they have an opportunity to study and research areas of interest, travel, or volunteer in various capacities. In prior years, employees have founded schools (Philippines), worked to bring clean drinking water to communities in need (Africa), and participated in other humanitarian and educational activities.

To learn more about the sabbatical program at Net Atlantic, which is open and available to all staff members after seven years of employment, visit:

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