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Net Atlantic Announces Version 2.0 of it Popular Executive Summary Report and New Intelligent Email Campaign Grader

Salem, Massachusetts, January 5, 2017 -- Net Atlantic, Inc. announced a major upgrade of its very popular email Executive Summary Report.

The Executive Summary Report is sent automatically to all clients on the first day of every month. It provides a snapshot of email campaign performance over the previous calendar month, and gives clients all the statistics they need to evaluate their campaigns at a glance, in summary format. Report data includes campaign effectiveness and engagement, subscriber growth and loss, sending volume and history, recipient platforms and devices, and more.

“We worked hard to distill the data that most affects our customers,” said Net Atlantic lead programmer Colby Leclerc. “We then took that data, along with engagement information, and created a very friendly dashboard of sorts, with multiple charts that can be read and understood at a glance.”

The upgraded report features an exciting new “Campaign Grade” for email campaigns. This special grade gives clients an objective, comparative weighting on their performance, using a number of confidential metrics developed over many years.
“Customer adoption of the Executive Summary Report is extremely high,” said R.J. Phipps, Vice President of Customer Success. “We know that clients use this report month after month to get a helpful overview of their most important sending and engagement metrics.”

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