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Net Atlantic Announces NextMail Email Marketing Software

Net Atlantic, Inc. announced NextMail, their new enterprise-level email marketing software. NextMail can be purchased and used by the client on-premise, or hosted at the client’s data center.

Years in development, NextMail combines the best of proven email sending technologies with a leading user interface and a very compelling feature set. It was created for discerning email marketers who need the specific functionality found only in the best software programs. It’s an ideal solution for those who want complete control over their sending environment, for reasons of privacy, security, control, bullet-proof configuration, sending speeds, mail throttling, IP address warmup, and many other advanced configurations.

NextMail offers an enterprise-level feature set that rivals all major email sending platforms and providers. It’s ideal for lead capture firms, advertising agencies, political senders, publishers, city and state governments, colleges and universities, healthcare providers, banks and financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and many others.
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Founded in 1995, Net Atlantic is one of the first Email Service Providers (ESPs), and a pioneering industry leader in email marketing. The company offers feature-rich email marketing solutions at a cost-effective price. With unparalleled email marketing capabilities, expert deliverability management and personal technical support, customers can successfully create, send, track and manage their email campaigns. To learn more about Net Atlantic, please visit

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