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Net Atlantic - Endicott College Collaboration and Partnership Announcement

August 28, 2017 - Salem, Massachusetts - Net Atlantic announced today their new Net Atlantic Labs technology incubator program, in partnership with Endicott College. According to R.J. Phipps, Net Atlantic VP of Product & Customer Success, the Labs are comprised of a high-performance team developing innovative technologies to disrupt email marketing. The team is a diverse collection of talented software developers, mathematical specialists, data analysts, data architects, educators, and students interested in the goal of optimizing efficacy and email response by the application of data science tools and methods within the business application of email marketing.

The Net Atlantic labs program is dedicated to the mission of helping clients address and overcome the unique problems of the modern email marketer, by attacking and solving the most complex problems in the field. In parallel, the team is charged with disrupting the industry with breakthrough thinking and innovation. 

Based on 20+ years of experience with email marketing, 60+ billion email messages sent, and thousands of clients served, the Labs has a wealth of data to mine, analyze, interpret, present, and optimize on behalf of their clients.

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