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Net Atlantic Announces New ListManager 14 enterprise-level email marketing platform software upgrade

March 26, 2018 – Salem, Massachusetts - Net Atlantic, Inc. announced today the availability of their new ListManager 14 enterprise-level email marketing platform.

Designated as the new Productivity Edition, the SaaS-based server software allows for expert deployment of email campaigns for email marketers. The email marketing and list hosting software has evolved over many years to be one of the most robust and capable solutions anywhere today.

Net Atlantic first offered the ListManager solution in 1999, and has continued to improve and add functionality to the software every year with exciting new features and advance capabilities not found in competing solutions.

"This is simply the best email marketing software we’ve ever offered," said company President Dave Cloyd. "With this iteration of the software we’ve included a wide array of productivity improvements which allow the email marketer to be highly productive and effective."

Some of the new tool sets included are automatic audience segmentation, one-click list optimization, dynamic design tools, List Buddy list cleaning, Email on Acid integration, a graded Executive Summary Report, and much more.

To learn more about the ListManager 14 Productivity Edition visit

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Founded in 1995, Net Atlantic is an Email Service Provider (ESP), and a pioneer in the industry of email marketing. The company offers a comprehensive array of enterprise level email marketing solutions. The company specializes in servicing email marketers with high demands for sending volume, inboxing, advanced features, comprehensive reporting, email intelligence, and high levels of service. To learn more about Net Atlantic, please visit

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