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Machine Learning is Solving the Challenges of the Modern Email Marketer

Net Atlantic Announces Nextmail, an All-New Marketing Automation Software Designed by Marketers

Salem, Massachusetts, June 12, 2018 – Today, Net Atlantic Inc., a technology innovation company and email service provider offering leading-edge email marketing automation and monetization software, announced that they have released NextMail, an entirely new email marketing solution. “We built NextMail from the ground up to solve the challenges for today’s modern marketer,” says R.J. Phipps, Vice President of Customer Success at Net Atlantic. The challenges Mr. Phipps refers to relates in large part to limited time and resources found within today’s marketing departments. As more consumers each year move online to find products and services, marketers are expected to form relationships with consumers quickly. “Marketing departments have a wealth of data available to them. They are responsible for analyzing that data and using it to create meaningful relationships with their audience; often in real-time,” continues Phipps. “This leads to a very limited amount of time to create quality content using this consumer data.”

As a pioneer in the email marketing space, Net Atlantic has used the information they have acquired from over 20 years of experience to provide solutions for their clients, including an Artificial Intelligence assistant for their new software. “With our research wing, Net Atlantic Labs, we have created a proprietary AI assistant for NextMail users,” says David Cloyd, President of Net Atlantic. “Our powerful machine learning algorithms take care of all of the complex data analysis and allows users to quickly and easily create dynamic email marketing campaigns.” NextMail’s assistant uses unique machine learning algorithms to predict audience engagement and gives recommendations to marketers for improving their email and landing page content. The predictive analytics found in the NextMail assistant are based on engagement data from the billions of emails the company has delivered for their clients. “Our AI assistant will help marketers create better, more personalized content for their customers and will ultimately improve the returns from their marketing spend,” says Phipps.

Net Atlantic says, with NextMail, they have streamlined the workflow related to creating an email marketing campaign. During beta testing, users noted the speed at which they could create and deploy campaigns. “Our all-new drag and drop editor enables marketers to create modern, responsive emails and landing pages in minutes. Combine that with our simple to use Lifecycle Campaign Builder and marketers can build complex campaigns effortlessly,” says Phipps. “But our streamlined workflow doesn’t end at campaign creation, we’ve made testing and reporting faster and easier than ever before.” NextMail’s testing and reporting capabilities include A/B split testing with computer assisted variable recommendations, Google Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud integration, GeoLocation reports, SPAM analysis, email client inbox previews, detailed customer engagement reports, and exportable charts for presentations.

“As technology evolves, the marketing department will need to adapt,” notes Cloyd. “At Net Atlantic, we are proud to provide this new time-saving marketing automation software. These savings allow the modern marketer to focus on what really matters, delivering great content to their customers.”

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