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Net Atlantic Announces, ListBuddy, A New Email Authentication and Validation Service Site

Salem, Massachusetts, July 10, 2018 – Net Atlantic, Inc. announced today the availability of their popular ListBuddy email validation and verification tool as a separate, single use service website.

“The ListBuddy tool does an amazing job of helping with list hygiene,” said R.J. Phipps, VP of Customer Success. “Using our data warehouse, data mart, and 20+ year history of 85+ billion emails sent, we’ve applied this knowledge, sending history, and mailing data to our ListBuddy program.”

“We’ve been using ListBuddy in-house for years now for our own valued clients,” mentioned David Cloyd, company President. “Clients love it! It’s been so popular we opened it up for everyone,” he continued. “All email senders need a Buddy like ListBuddy.”

To get people started with the service, pricing is very attractive. The service is free for 500 email addresses, and only $38 for up to 5000 email addresses. Published pricing goes up to 5 million email addresses, and even higher levels are available.

List hygiene is the regular maintenance of your contact list to ensure your list contains only verified and engaged subscribers. This regular maintenance of your list is critical to ensuring continued success with your email marketing campaigns. When a list is properly maintained, you can expect high rates emails effectively reaching the inbox, better customer engagement and higher returns.

To try out the ListBuddy program visit

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