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Net Atlantic Announces, WeSendIt a Full-service Managed Email Sending Service

Salem, Massachusetts, July 17, 2018 – Net Atlantic, Inc. announced today the launch of one of their most popular professional services, WeSendIt, as a separate managed full-service email sending service site.

Designed specifically for those companies and organizations that want to outsource the actual sending of their email campaigns and email marketing, the full-service sending services have proven popular for over two decades. “Originally, when we first offered email marketing for clients, it was all full service sending,” reported Andrew Lutts, company Founder and CEO. “Now we’re seeing a resurgence from email senders, email marketers, and advertising agencies who really enjoy the ease and convenience of outsourcing that key part of email marketing.”

“With the complexities involved in making best use of the technologies available, the outsourced solution is a natural for optimizing marketing efforts on sophisticated email platforms. We can often help the client achieve superior email campaign results by making the most of our available experience and technology,” Lutts added.

The professional service is in high demand from advertising agencies and lead generation companies. Clients include well-known consumer brands Geico, PayPal, Yellow Pages, Penton Media, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The in-house team of marketers and professionals at the Massachusetts, USA office manages and performs all critical aspects of campaign sending to insure client success. Specific functions include managing and optimizing content, uploading subscriber lists, handling email address suppression, deploying split tests, sending multiple test mails, making changes and updates, testing hyperlinks, importing graphics, making campaign recommendations, sending the mailings all at once or in stages, and reporting on all important metrics and campaign results to the client.

To learn more about the WeSendIt solution visit .

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Net Atlantic is a technology innovation company and email service provider, who provides Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform and full-service email marketing campaign deployment. Since 1997, Net Atlantic has helped send over 85 billion email through their email automation and monetization platforms. To learn more about Net Atlantic, please visit

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