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Net Atlantic Announces New SmartStart Program

Salem, Massachusetts, May 10, 2021 – Net Atlantic announced today the launch of their new SmartStart program.

The new SmartStart service is a proven, time-tested methodical process roadmap that assists and enables the higher-volume email marketer to onboard, clean and validate, ramp-up, segment, deliver, optimize, and inbox email to their subscribers with high levels of success.

R.J. Phipps, Vice President of Customer Success and creator of the fully-integrated solution spoke about the new service. “We help email marketers and larger email senders address and overcome many of their challenges as they onboard, grow, and ramp-up their sending volume. Success with higher-volume email sending takes a carefully coordinated effort of cleaning and validation, IP warm up, brand introduction, sending authentication, network management, best sending practices, and human and technical oversight of results by an experienced team of sending engineers and delivery experts. This product is a result of 23 years of email marketing experience resulting in approximately 100 billion email messages sent by our clients.”

Customers receive all critical components of the SmartStart program for one flat-rate bundled price. Net Atlantic works individually and personally with every Smart Start client to review sending goals, analyze subscriber list composition, determine an effective ramping schedule, and address any former existing delivery problems.

About Net Atlantic

Net Atlantic is a pioneer and industry leader in email marketing. Since 1995, Net Atlantic, Inc. has been assisting organizations of all sizes communicate effectively online. As an Email Service Provider (ESP) Net Atlantic offers clients professional feature-rich email marketing and communications solutions at a cost-effective price. With unparalleled email marketing capabilities, expert deliverability management and responsive technical support, Net Atlantic's solutions provides clients with the ability to create, send, track and manage email marketing campaigns successfully. To learn more about Net Atlantic's email marketing solutions, please visit


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