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Net Atlantic Partners with Validity Email Delivery Performance Measurement Services

Salem, Massachusetts, March 29, 2022Net Atlantic, Inc. announced today a new partnership with Validity, a leading email delivery company ( The partnership is a natural fit, given the companies’ common goal of employing best practices in email marketing on their clients’ behalf.

The Validity Everest product helps email senders of all kinds track, measure, and evaluate many data points in the process of email marketing and sending. It's a critical tool for Email Service Providers (ESPs).


About Net Atlantic

Founded in 1995, Net Atlantic is one of the first Email Service Providers (ESPs), and a pioneering industry leader in email marketing. The company offers feature-rich email marketing solutions at a cost-effective price. With unparalleled email marketing capabilities, expert deliverability management and personal technical support, customers can successfully create, send, track and manage their email campaigns. To learn more about Net Atlantic, please visit

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