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Net Atlantic Accounces Upcoming Free A.I. Email Marketing Toolset


Salem, MA - August 9, 2023 - Net Atlantic, Inc. announced today the development of Inspired Marketer, an exciting new A.I.-powered email writing assistant and marketing toolset.

Inspired Marketer is a revolutionary new tool created to transform and improve the way businesses formulate and deploy email and marketing content.

This state-of-the-art software toolset not only helps users generate compelling emails but also helps ensure that communications resonate deeply with recipients.

"Early response from alpha testers has been fantastic," said Andrew Lutts, Net Atlantic's Founder & CEO. "Like a thesaurus on steroids," said one tester. "Shows off the power and creativity of AI," said another.

Although the new tool can be used by any email marketer, it can be especially powerful for small teams or solopreneurs as it helps level the playing field. The toolset now gives all marketers enterprise-level capability.

"The tool helps users save time, get fresh content ideas, try out different voices and personalities, and adopt a number of calls to action," said R.J. Phipps, Partner and Vice President.

"Because the toolset was conceived to be hyper-focused on email marketing and response marketing, it excels on driving results for users," Phipps added.

Upon its release from Beta, Inspired Marketer will be seamlessly integrated into Net Atlantic's flagship ListManager email product at no additional cost for beta testers.

The beta version of Inspired Marketer is now available by invitation at

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