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Net Atlantic Launches Public Beta for Inspired Marketer A.I. Email Writer, Email Campaign Optimizer, and Idea Workshop


Salem, MA - September 6, 2023 - Net Atlantic, Inc. proudly announced the public beta release of their cutting-edge A.I. powered email marketing toolkit called Inspired Marketer.

This public access launch follows a successful Alpha development phase and comes as a response to the growing anticipation and excitement around the innovative toolkit and the power made possible with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

The free Beta AI toolkit allows email marketers to generate captivating email campaigns, generate and test creative new ideas and innovative writing styles, experiment with various message tones, and sample various Calls to Action that drive increased engagement. The toolkit also includes an Idea Workshop component which allows users to generate new ideas with ease.

Designed to breathe new life into the process of email content creation, the new Inspired Marketer toolkit crafts emails that are not just compelling but are deeply attuned to the reader's preferences.

The toolkit is comprised of three main components: Email Writer, Email Copy Optimizer, and Idea Workshop.

"One of the biggest challenges all email marketers face is coming up with fresh new dynamic content with every new email campaign," said Partner, VP and Chief Product Architect R.J. Phipps. "The new Inspired Marketer toolkit addresses that challenge head-on, and elevates the content creation process to a whole new level. Additionally, its saves email marketers a tremendous amount of time and effort."

Featuring an easy-to-use one page input screen, the process of using the tool is natural, intuitive, simple, and quick.

"We are thrilled to move from a closed invitation-only phase to a broader audience," remarked Andrew Lutts, Net Atlantic's founder & CEO. "The feedback received from Alpha testers has been spectacular," he continued. "We simply couldn't hold it back any longer."

Email marketers, solopreneurs, businesses, organizations, non-profits, and anyone interested in experiencing the future of email content creation and email marketing can now access the Inspired Marketer public beta for free at


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The free public beta version of Inspired Marketer is now available at

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