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Net Atlantic Sponsors Salem State University's Business Pitch Competition


Salem, MA, April 8, 2024 - Salem State University held their Fourth Annual Viking Business Pitch Competition, sponsored by Net Atlantic and other local businesses. The event, hosted by Bertolon School of Business, featured new and innovative business proposals pitched by nine teams of Salem State students. A panel of judges, from entrepreneurial companies across Salem, determined the top three teams to be rewarded with cash prizes to fund their potential businesses. 

Cash rewards totaling to $9,000, are given out to the top three performing teams. Followed by $5,000 for first place, $2,500 for second place, and $1,500 for third place, additionally awarding finalists with $250. Performance is judged on each team’s ability to capitalize an untap market with their unique product proposition. This competition excites students about the possibility in turning their ideas and passions into reality. 

The competition provided an opportunity to see inspired future business owners demonstrating their innovative and ambitious approach, and learning more about the emerging trends in the markets. It showcases each team’s collective problem-solving and communication skills, replicating real-world application. These students are the upcoming leaders in the business world, and we are proud to support the next generation of successful business professionals. 

“Investing in the potential of tomorrow’s leaders adheres to our commitment to fostering innovation and nurturing young inventive spirit,” said Andrew Lutts, Founder and CEO of Net Atlantic. "Over the years, Net Atlantic has provided scholarships and internship opportunities to students from Salem State University, and continues to support initiatives like these. We're excited to see the innovation and entepreneurship from these creative and ambitious students."

Among the nine teams in the competition were: 

Aiden Barry - Pawpals (an innovative dating app for pet owners) 

Alia Deshaies, Mitch St. Louis, & Kimlong Cang – My Tour Bot (a self-directed city tour service app) 

Alyda Yim – The D.A. Spray (a hair tool for individuals with mobility disabilities) 

Benjamin Gallini & Tyler Deschenes – Smart Organizer (an app designed to scan, price, value and list your household items and more on eBay) 

Brendan Sheehan – Modern Landscaping 

Charles Ngowe – NJUReX (a nutritional compound to help prevent kidney stones) 

Christian Alquinta – 3D Prints (3D printed auto parts) 

Ruddy De Jesus – Ruddy Adjs (a mobile auto detailing service and consultancy) 

Xhesina Sirika – ShareCharge (charging cord and app that enables you to charge your phone from another users phone )

About Salem State University
Founded in 1854 in Salem, Massachusetts, Salem State University (SSU) is a public institution providing affordable and high-quality post-secondary education. SSU offers 32 undergraduate degree programs in liberal arts, human services, and business. It’s commitment to academic excellence social equity, attracts over 6,500 students yearly. Learn more at

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