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Billing FAQs

1. When is my billing cycle?

The billing cycle is a 30 or 31 day period starting on the day your contract or service begins.  Example: 7/15/2022 – 8/14/2022 is a one-month billing cycle.

2. How are my charges calculated?

Net Atlantic uses three billing models: Members and Sends, Volume Sends, and Postage.

Members and Sends clients are billed based on the total number of unique email addresses per list. Net Atlantic bills for every email address on each list, regardless of address status (active, unsubscribed, held, etc.) during the billing cycle. List sizes of up to 7,500 have unlimited sending capacity. List sizes over 7,500 can send up to 6 times the list size per month. Any mailings over the sending limit will be charged .0005 dollars per mailing on the Professional Level and .0008 dollars on the Enterprise Level.

For example: If your list has 30,000 addresses you may send up to 6 times that list or 180,000 messages to that list per month.

If the total email addresses exceeds the current monthly pricing tier, the account will automatically be ratcheted up to the next pricing tier that reflects that list size.

For detail on the Members and Sends pricing model please see our pricing and order form to view the list tiers and to order online.

Volume Sends Model clients should review their contract for pricing information.

Postage Model clients should contact for the most current postage pricing and to purchase additional postage.

International clients are either on Volume Sends Model or Postage Model.

3. What is Bandwidth, and why am I being charged for it?

Bandwidth is the amount of data transmitted and received on our servers. Clients on Members and Sends and Std Disc List pricing will see a Bandwidth charge on their monthly invoice. 

Each Professional Level mailing list receives one gigabyte (GB) of bandwidth per month.  Enterprise Level mailing lists receive 2 gigabytes (GB) per month.  Any bandwidth usage that exceeds the monthly allotment costs $10 per additional GB.

4. How can I tell how much bandwidth I am using?

When logged into your list, a bandwidth monitor is located at the top right corner of the home page.  This monitor tracks bandwidth usage and is updated twice a day.

5. When will my credit card be charged?

All accounts set to recurring payments will have their credit card charged three days after invoice date. If the card is declined, Net Atlantic will attempt to charge it a maximum of three times, every six days. A one-time payment made will be processed with 24 hours of being received.

6. How do I update the credit card on file for my account?

For security purposes we do not accept credit card information by phone or email. Credit cards can be updated online using our secure form.

7. How do I change the billing contact person for my account?

Contact information can be updated either by emailing or by using our secure online form.

8. Why am I being asked for credit references?

If you prefer to be invoiced and you are not a listed Fortune 1000 company, Net Atlantic requires three credit references. This information is used for the sole purpose of assessing your creditworthiness. Email for credit reference qualifications.

9. What if my list grows or my email sending grows and I go above my current list size?

It is handled automatically and you can continue to send without any delays. If the total email addresses exceed the current monthly pricing tier, the account will automatically be ratcheted up to the next pricing tier that reflects that list size.

10. What could prolong my order processing time?

For new customers, when there is a mismatch between the billing address and the I.P. location of the computer you are signing up from, there is a delay in the account set-up. You will receive an email from Net Atlantic kindly asking for the reason for this discrepancy. This happens to clients with multiple locations or who are travelling on the road. It is simply a security protocol to protect our clients. Once a valid response is received the account is processed quickly and set-up.

Orders from outside of the USA take more time to process. Additional checks are made to verify the validity and authenticity of the order. Again, security protocols are followed to protect our clients. Once all information is verified, the order is quickly processed.