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Introducing AI-Powered Email Marketing

Transform Your Email Marketing with Artificial Intelligence


"I'm honestly blown away by it. I'm never going back to creating
email marketing the old way again."
 C.S., Tampa, FL 

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create compelling content, effective calls to action (CTAs), great headlines, email preheaders, and all you need to execute powerful email marketing campaigns.

The new AI toolset automates the most common email marketing tasks to help you work smarter and more quickly. Best of all, many marketers experience results showing meaningful improvement.

"Our control mailing was getting just 24.57% opens. With your AI, opens jumped
to 43.34% on our very next mailing. It works, very impressed!"
T.M., Bethesda, MD

The Net Atlantic email platform combines advanced AI algorithms with user-guided content generation, streamlining the email creation process while ensuring each message resonates with your target audience. From personalized email drafts to content optimization, AI-Powered email marketing helps you achieve email marketing excellence.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Idea Workshop: Generate fresh ideas, content topics, article outlines, and brainstorm ideas. Includes adjustable creativity scale for unparalleled content flexibility.

  • Email Writer: Input your target demographics or specific instructions, and our AI crafts tailored content that speaks directly to your audience.

  • Copy Optimizer: Elevate your email campaigns with AI-enhanced calls to action, tone adjustments, and content that maximizes engagement and conversion.
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"Produced a great first draft. A helpful stress-tester
on the accuracy of my messaging!"
I.S., Boston, MA


The new AI toolset is included at no extra cost with all email
marketing services. Compare plans. See pricing. Sign up today.