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Triggered and Sequential Mailings - Email Automation

Drive customer engagement with trigger-based automated emails and dynamic content.

Easily build automated email campaigns with our triggered and sequential mailings feature, and start engaging prospects and customers with relevant content that gets delivered to the right person at the right time. View demo.

  • Triggered emails. Triggers determine what action to take based on user behavior (e.g., a purchase, subscription renewal, webinar registration, etc.). If an email recipient clicks on a link or answers a survey, your campaign will send another auto-reply email according to your instructions.
  • Sequential emails. Sequential mailings automatically send email to your customers and prospects on a predetermined time frame (e.g., a number of times after an event, with emails timed by hours, days, weeks, and even years).

Automate your email campaigns with dynamic content

Dynamic content is content within an email that matches the demographics, preferences and/or past behavior of your subscribers. It provides a very targeted way to automate delivery of relevant content which generates higher ROI for you and a better experience for recipients. More than just mail merging, dynamic content uses business rules to match appropriate content with recipients’ interests or previous behavior.

Dynamic content allows you to:

  • Build stronger, more intimate relationships with customers and prospects
  • Streamline customer service activities
  • Reduce response time
  • Enhance click-through and conversion rates
  • Increase revenue, lead generation, loyalty, and customer retention
  • Improve customer trust through personal recognition

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