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Built-In Email Templates


Your account includes 77 built-in pre-designed responsive HTML email templates. These can help make it easier for you to create and send your email campaigns.

The templates all have editable regions and allow you to change images, headlines, body text, calls to action, and more.

Access the templates after you log to Net Atlantic by going to the Content menu tab on left, click Templates Wizard, click on All Templates







Our Other Services Include

Inbox Experts

An expert service designed for the modern marketer looking to improve their inbox delivery, increase engagement, and increase the rate of return on their marketing spend. Pricing starts at $297.
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Outsource your outbound email campaigns to the email experts at WeSendIt. Relax while we prepare and send your next email marketing campaign for you. Great for both small and large email marketing campaigns.
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Put ListBuddy on your side to clean and validate your list. When your list is properly maintained, your email marketing campaigns will reach more inboxes, achieve better engagement, and deliver higher returns.
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