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Clickthrough and Clickstream Tracking

Know exactly how engaged your subscribers are

Email marketing produces very valuable clickstream behavior data. With "clickthrough tracking" you’re able to identify your most engaged subscribers by tracking which links in your email your subscribers’ click; while "clickstream tracking" actually tracks them as they move about your web site. With our advanced set of tools you can keep a keen eye on prospects and customers to drive relevant dynamic content to better target email campaigns and trigger email messages.

  • Gain insight into their buying behavior and preferences
  • Learn exactly what they’re interested in
  • Track where on your website they navigate

Capture behavior-related data to drive email engagement

The value of clickstream is not just in how it ties conversions back to a particular email campaign, it also allows you to gain an understanding of how subscribers interact with your web site. In addition to email opens and clickthrough data, clickstream details provide essential profiling data of subscribers, as you can quickly see what pages the visitor landed on. The great advantage for marketers is that you can:

  • Spot which creative, copy, images or triggers in the email prove most successful in engaging subscribers
  • View how many clicked through to your landing page, and where they actually went from there
  • Measure and analyze performance of each message

You’ll also discover which email messages are engaging the recipients, and which ones aren’t creating much interest. All of this information can then be used to tailor your messages and greatly enhance your subscribers’ online experience by focusing on the products and services that they are most interested in. For example, you can create a segment for everyone that was interested in a particular product or service, and send personalized and targeted messages to those subscribers to help them learn more about that particular product or service.

Reporting and tracking tools are fully-integrated with all of Net Atlantic email marketing solutions.

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