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Email Marketing Calendar

Drag-and-drop calendar for managing emails, events
and reporting

The calendar provides time-based overviews of marketing activities to reveal periods of heightened mailing activity, improves access to mailing reports, and enables marketing teams to track events and dates of importance. The calendar’s drag-and-drop interface also allows for quick and easy scheduling and rescheduling of mailings.

See and schedule mailings and events at a glance

See and schedule mailings and events at a glanceClick for Larger Image

Advanced Features and Capabilities

  • Navigate the calendar by month, week, or day, and create and manage mailings and events easily.
  • Schedule or un-schedule mailings using drag and drop.
  • Use a simple "mouse-over" to see the name of a mailing, subject line and status or view event descriptions, frequency and end dates.
  • Navigate to exact mailings within a month, week or day.
  • Edit any scheduled or unscheduled mailing with a mouse click.
  • View a time-based record of past marketing activities.
  • Click any sent mailing for that mailings overview report.

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