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Email Engagement Index

Know exactly how interested your subscribers are.

Our email engagement index helps you better engage your target audience. It evaluates your email marketing campaign success and shows you at a glance how your campaigns perform. You gain insight about your prospects' and customers' engagement and interest level; and the data provided becomes a benchmark from which you can compare different marketing campaigns.

  • View conversion pipeline, delivery statistics, mailing performance, engagement level, unique opens and clickthroughs, membership health, and more
  • Assess how successful your campaigns have been in engaging your audience based on interest scoring, shopping cart abandonment rates, and sale cycle evaluations
  • Track exactly where your subscribers click through to, and monitor where on your website they navigate with clickthrough and clickstream tracking
  • Reward your customers for forwarding your messages and referring friends (with refer-a-friend functionality and forward tracking you will know who is spreading your news)
  • Spot list segments worth some extra attention, such as prospects who may not have purchased but who are clearly engaged with the brand and, as a result, should be approached with a special offer

The email engagement index uses a formula to weigh each action (opens, clickthroughs, unsubscribes, forwards, and resulting transactions), and generates a numerical value for how well the message engaged the recipient, based on those actions. Use this data when creating new campaigns, in order to optimize your messages for the highest possible customer response.

Reporting and tracking tools are fully-integrated with all of Net Atlantic email marketing solutions.

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