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A/B/n Split Testing

Gain an understanding of what engages your audience.

Before deploying email marketing campaigns, take time to understand what engages your audience and increase your email marketing program's ROI with multi-variate testing. Our split testing functionality helps you evaluate your marketing messages, by testing two versions to determine what is most effective with your target audience:

  • Compare delivery successes and failures; total, unique, and estimated opens; and clickthroughs.
  • Grab the attention of a higher percentage of subscribers by testing variations of your subject lines, an email with a subject line that goes unnoticed gets deleted.
  • Determine the day of the week or time of day your audience is most likely to open your emails, strategically choosing when your message is sent can have a significant impact on your open rates.
  • Increase profitability by gauging which call to action engages your prospects, choose the promotion or offer by which test mailing produces the most clickthroughs.

The version of your email campaign with the highest percentage of opens, clickthroughs, and least amount of unsubscribes is likely to be your winning campaign and this can be sent to the remaining recipients automatically or with the click of a button.

What worked last year or even last month, may not work with a current email campaign. By actively using multi-variate testing to understand your audience you obtain a fresh perspective and can exceed your current ROI.

Increase your email programs profitability with A/B/n Split Testing, available with the Enterprise Level Email Marketing.

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