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Grow Your Email List With Facebook

Do you want more email subscribers?

Are you looking for ways to move Facebook fans to your email list?

Introducing the Net Atlantic Facebook Email Adder App

Facebook Email Adder App

Now, if your business has a Facebook page, your Facebook fans can quickly and easily join your email list!

This application allows you to quickly place a Net Atlantic sign-up form onto your brand's Facebook page, making it convenient for your fans to subscribe to your email list. And setup is easy!


  • Log into your Facebook Account
  • Click here to add the Net Atlantic app on any and all of your Facebook business pages. After the page loads click the Install App Now button.
  • Navigate to your business page (upon installation you will automatically be redirected to the personal page associated with your business page)
  • The app should now appear under your cover image, click on the app to activate
  • Login in with your email manager credentials
  • Choose which list to associate with each page
  • Create a post to share the news with all of your fans and point them to your new app (recommended but not required)