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FreshAddress List Cleaning Services

Fresh AddressWant to improve email deliverability? You need to reduce duplicate, invalid, dead, and bogus emails, and find deliverable emails in your active mailing list. List Audit helps keep your email lists up-to-date.

How FreshAddress Works

FreshAddress checks your Net Atlantic list against their database with over 1 billion emails and 9 million domains. They also perform MX checking of unknown domains, and check against their growing list of known spam complainers and email corrections. This helps you:

  • Maximize deliverability
  • Increase response
  • Reduce bounced emails
  • Lower SPAM complaints
  • Avoid ISP blacklists

List Audit & Hygiene Services

FreshAddress flags your invalid email addresses, including duplicates, typos, formatting problems, syntax errors, dead domains, FCC-mandated wireless blocks, and the DMA's "Do Not Email" records. It also finds lost customers and bogus, malicious, spamtrap and honeypot addresses.

FeatureAudit OnlyAudit +
Audit +
Catches Errors  X X X
Identifies Error Types  X X X
MX Checks All Domains  X X X
Makes Corrections    X  
Permission Messages      X
"Deliverable" List      X
"Undeliverable" List      X

* Note: minimum project fees apply and vary depending on service.

Auto Batch Email Hygiene Services

Your Net Atlantic registration forms capture valuable marketing data, but how do you find and fix errors? Using their Auto Batch List Audit services, FreshAddress can “spellcheck” invalid email entries before they make their way into your database. This way, you catch registration problems earlier, with a turnaround in hours instead of days.

FeatureAudit OnlyAudit +
Catches Errors  X X
Identifies Error Types  X X
MX Checks All Domains  X X
Makes Corrections    X

To learn more about FreshAddress List Audit and Hygiene Services,
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