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Geolocation Tracking & Reporting

Know exactly where your subscribers are and improve campaign segmentation, personalization and targeting.

Our highly accurate Geolocation Tracking and Reporting feature takes the guesswork out of knowing exactly where your emails are going. It provides a deeper level of detailed demographic reporting, enabling you to better target your campaigns. Fully integrated into Net Atlantic’s Professional and Enterprise Editions, this powerful feature shows you where your emails are performing best, and helps you create more successful – and profitable – campaigns.

Geolocation Map ScreenClick for Larger Image


  • View detailed data in a visual map or in list format; reports are easy to understand and interpret
  • Get a clearer picture of your subscribers and customers
  • Use report data to determine where and how to target future email campaigns and ads
  • Know where your subscribers are so you can more effectively personalize campaigns – and get better results
  • Find out which of your offers and/or products are having the most impact in a particular region
  • Include locally relevant information in your emails, such as weather forecasts or ads for other local businesses
  • Drill down to the actual city your message is opened in

How Does It Work?

The geolocation feature works by checking the IP address of the subscriber against an IP address-to-location database. This lookup happens every time one of your subscribers opens or clicks a link in an HTML email that you have sent them.

How Can Geolocation Tracking and Reporting Help Your Business?

Brick-and-mortar retail shops, restaurants, bars, gyms, and other locally-focused businesses can use the information in these detailed reports to:

  • Determine which local advertising vehicles you should consider (local papers, billboards etc.)
  • Test different special offers to determine which ones work better in which geographical areas, enabling better targeting (and results) for future campaigns
  • Help decide where to open an additional location
  • See how far people are traveling to visit your business, with an eye to determining delivery zones, etc.

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