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Eliminate send button anxiety!

We've partnered with Litmus, the market leader in email testing, to help ensure your messages are perfect before you hit send. Litmus provides simple, web-based applications that perfectly complement Net Atlantic's powerful email marketing solutions. And they're your new secret weapon for bulletproof campaigns.

Litmus Inbox Previews

See How Your Emails Will Look In 40+ Email Clients - Before you send!

The Litmus Inbox Previews User Interface - Click for Larger Image

Fully integrated into our Professional and Enterprise Editions, Litmus Inbox Previews enables you to easily preview your campaigns in more than 40 real email clients in minutes. You'll see how your emails are going to look on webmail clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and more, as well as internal clients including Outlook, MacMail, Lotus Notes mail, and many others—before you send them.

Litmus SPAM Filter Testing

Get your email scanned by every major spam filter before you send.

The Litmus SPAM Filter Testing User Interface - Click for Larger Image

This comprehensive test checks your authentication and reputation, and provides scores and feedback for common ISP and corporate filters. These powerful new features will give you the peace of mind to deploy your email campaigns with confidence.

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