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Built-In Database Integration - One-way Sync (ODBC)

Maximize Marketing Efficiencies & Effectiveness

Net Atlantic's powerful email marketing solutions covers everything from open database connectivity to fast delivery, email list management, HTML editing, and clickthrough and clickstream tracking to help you maximize marketing efficiencies and the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Automate your manual and repetitive database transfers and maximize marketing efficiencies and effectiveness by integrating your CRM, back-end application or other proprietary systems with Net Atlantic's Enterprise Email Marketing Solution.

Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) allows programs to use SQL requests that will access external databases without having to know the proprietary interfaces to the databases. ODBC handles the SQL request from your application and converts it into a request that Net Atlantic's service database system understands.

Choose how you want the synchronization to behave; merge, overwrite or append data, schedule synchronization or update on demand prior to sending out an email marketing campaign.

Available with the Enterprise Level Email Marketing, ODBC allows you to keep data synchronized between your email marketing service and other ODBC compliant applications.

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